DOK M [ DDL04 ]

 DOK M - For wing weighing up to 250 Kg

ระบบประตูอัตโนมัติสำหรับการใช้งานขนาดกลาง ใช้ได้กับขนาดน้ำหนักประตู 250Kg.
Frame Automations - DOK M

Olly and Dok allow to automate straight sliding frames even at a later date.
They have been designed to allow easy installation on the structure, even heavy and large ones, and to satisfy different duty requirements.
Technical features

Smooth and controlled movement
Dok M is equipped with a microprocessor logic control system, which makes it the automation of choice wherever a smooth and controlled movement is required, for example, in the case of automatic pedestrian doors.

Full range of accessories
Dok M can be completed with a full range of control and safety accessories beside the specific devices.

A battery backup device allows operation even in emergency situations.