Wel [ DDS03 ]


WEL - New, strong and fully featured

ระบบอัตโนมัติสำหรับบานสวิง รุ่น WEL มีคุณสมบัตแตกต่างให้เลือก 4 รุ่น
Automatic pedestrian doors - WEL

This automation comes in four versions E, M, S and F.
    Wel E: automation with motor opening and spring closing.
    Wel M: it is essential in case of demanding environmental conditions, such as external doors.
    Wel S: if you want to be able to close the door even in the event of power failure, is advisable to choose an automation with motor opening but spring closing.
    Wel F: this automation can be used on fireproof doors. 

Technical features

New, multi-functional, solid, adaptable and noisless.

Wel is the new automation for automatic swing doors. 

Its distinctive features make it an all-purpose product which can be used in different operational situations.

Wel is a solid, hard-wearing, heavy-duty and noisless automation which can be used also on doors with two synchronized wings (master-slave function).

Its new design makes Wel stand out for its elegant and clean lines.

Wel complies with the strictest European regulations.